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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

It's been a pleasure and a privilege to work with the formidable business leader Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE on her global women-in-business convention.

I've been working closely with Dr Thompson over the past months to renew the content for international women-in-business convention WinTrade Week. I'm thrilled to be involved in this venture, that seeks to uplift women in the business world.

A Global Conference

WinTRADE WEEK was created so that your business can cut through the red tape of national and international trading. This five day conference will educate, inspire and spur you on to raise a competitive advantage. You’ll reduce costs, actuate new business and accelerate innovation. Now in its fourth year, WinTRADE WEEK is the UK’s largest event focussed on the state of enterprise and international trading.

WinTrade will run from 8 -12th June 2020 in venues across London, culminating in the glamorous WinTRADE Awards. Nominations are open here

Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE

Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE is the founder of WinTRADE WEEK. Yvonne has spent her life in the communications industry, campaigning for minorities, small business owners and, closest to her heart, for race and women’s equality in the workplace. She has been awarded two honorary degrees for her work with SMEs, Women, Minorities, Global Diversity, Business & Enterprise, along with several other business awards. She is MD of ASAP Communications, Chair of the African Caribbean Business Network and The Women Business Leaders Network and President of the European Federation of Black Women Business Leaders as well as giving her time to several other organisations. In 2014, after a year of research spent talking to other highly successful women in boardrooms, she published her book 7 Traits of Highly Successful Women On Boards, translating facts and figures into an easily accessible and achievable read, shedding light on a life that both women and men can aspire to.

Small Business Ecosystem

In WinTRADE WEEK, an international small business eco-system manifests; one week, one city, one goal. We bring together investors, developers, innovative enterprises, start-ups, independent researchers, leading solution providers and thought-leaders in the industry. WinTRADE WEEK is the must-attend event for enterprise, executives and corporate decision makers around the globe.

It's been a privilege to work on this project. It's truly inspiring to research, and write about these extraordinary women and their innovation. It's especially wonderful to see the tireless work Yvonne and her partners in women's networks do to uplift their peers.

Get Inspired

You can read all about WinTRADE and their impressive team here

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