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What a pleasure to work with Heirloom Knits founder Lucy Sheinman on the content for a new website promoting her handcrafted knits.

Not the hardest task for a cashmere fanatic like me to wax lyrical about the benefits of long-lasting and sustainable knitwear...

It was wonderful to learn and write about the process of sourcing truly sustainable yarn, the intricate spinning and washing of swatches, and the highly technical work of the Linker machine!

Lucy's company has just moved to Amsterdam, where I imagine everyone will be biking around in an Heirloom snood before the end of the year.

You can check out all of Heirloom's products, get more information, and chat to Lucy about bespoke commissions on the website:

My personal favourite is the newborn bonnet and mittens combo. Too cute. All new mum friends can expect one of those in the post from me! But there's plenty for adults too - and let's face it, we could all do with an extra layer of warming wool this winter...

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