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"Every day for 25 years, Peter wrote Alison a poem and put it under her pillow. Alison died in 2016... He continues to write for her"

The empty afternoons of 2020 were blessed with the curation of Peter Gordon's daily poems to his wife Alison. I knew when we were working on the website that this was special. A Love in Verse touched so many people and the site launched to great acclaim in the press. After spending the first part of 2021 working on the print version in secret to surprise Peter on the anniversary of his beloved wife's death, Anna and I finally published a selection of these heart-rending poems in print. I love every one of them. I love the forewords. I love the book cover. I am so proud to be the editor of this collection. If you know what's good for you, you'll get yourself a copy - and maybe one for someone you love too.

PRAISE FOR A Love in Verse

“Thirty years ago, “just for a laugh”, actor Peter Gordon wrote a poem for his wife Alison, and left it under her pillow. She liked it, and so he carried on, every day for 25 years. To this day, Gordon continues to add to the thousands of poems he had written for Alison, even after her death four years ago.”

The Guardian, Alison Flood

“The gesture is both grand and sweetly intimate, and the poems form a remarkable chronicle of domestic devotion, passion and bliss. If Peter's not the most romantic bloke alive, they suggest he's been one of the luckiest.”

BBC Entertainment and Arts Website, Ian Youngs

“Nearly every day for more than 25 years Peter left a poem under his wife Alison’s pillow. Here, their two daughters Cassie Davis and Anna Jordan look back on a unique love story that was hiding in plain sight all along.”

The Sunday Times Style Magazine

“They describe his agony at being apart from Alison while away with work, the excitement of their reunions, the ups and downs of their relationship and the struggle he endured as a jobbing actor.”

Daily Mail Online, Hayley Richardson

“I dare you to read and remain dry of cheek.”

Dolly Alderton

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