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A short, blog-style article about an inspiring conference I attended with the CEO of Gifyyy in Spring 2019 at the trendy citizenM hotel.

The citizenM Glasgow is an eclectic PR suite of a hotel. I'm here for a photography convention. I spend the days listening to top wedding artists inspire young snappers, and the nights sampling wall upon wall of single malt in the cosy downtown pubs. The conference room is arty and comfortable and the soft lighting and free espresso is a welcome addition to the collective hangover. We sit on leather loungers and bat knitted cat-ball lampshades to eachother to pass the time between sales talks. There’s a warmth to a creative conference; people come as they are; denim shirts, comfy shoes and newborns in tow. I’m here to represent Gifyyy: a beautifully designed photo booth alternative for weddings. Its simple LED light ring makes you feel like a film star with a snap chat filter for a face and its not long before everyone is jumping around in front of the screen trying to make the funkiest gif for their Insta story. The freelance life is diverse if nothing else and I feel lucky to be here. The speakers’ focus is photography but their words gee up my ever-so-slightly tired artist’s heart. Another day of this and I might, just might, feel like anything is possible.

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