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Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The impressive talent behind luxury brand Noavelle will launch her gorgeous lifestyle blog this spring, with the help of LBRwrites

Natalia's energy is boundless. She always has something new up her sleeve. Noavelle Shoe Couture is now a decade old. Natalia tirelessly designed and developed this stunning collection from scratch. She is an astute businesswoman and listened to customer feedback at every turn, often travelling back and forth from the factory in Italy to make sure everything was perfect for every pair. They are the most comfortable (not to mention beautiful!) shoes in the world. Trust me, I have seven pairs! You can see for yourself at

Natalia travels all over the world for tango, enchanting everyone she meets with her effortless style and gorgeous good nature. Natalia is now working on a lifestyle blog and is hoping to launch a new fashion venture in the next few years. The first article on Natalia's blog will be about her love of Greece and the Greek Islands....

"Why would I recommend it? It’s authentic, unspoiled and idyllic. To be surrounded by the strength of the mountains and the energy of the sea is powerfully peaceful. The sky feels so close; at night it feels like you could touch the stars. The energy of Frangkocastello is extraordinary. Unforgettable. Unique."

Watch this space for more from Natalia Moro...

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